Monday, 23 July 2012

Gaji pemain bola sepak paling mahal di dunia

Mesti korang ingat mamat kat atas ney kan..bukan, bukan mamat ney..
ataupun mamat dekat bawah ney...

Bukan juga..Messi dan Ronaldo antara dua pemain bola sepak terhandal di era globalisasi kini. tetapi gaji dia bukan paling mahal dunia..

Tetapi mamat kat atas ney r yang bergaji paling mahal di dunia..RM1 juta satu minggu ataupun £200,000 seminggu..padu gila dia punya gaji... Drogba adalam pemain bola sepak bergaji paling mahal di dunia

SUMBER berita di bawah ini

Didier Drogba in New Delhi

Drogba: Shanghai move not for money

Didier Drogba insisted a new challenge and not money was the motivating factor for his move to Shanghai Shenhua.
The former Chelsea striker was presented by Shanghai today [Saturday] after last month agreeing a two-and-a-half year contract reportedly worth £200,000 a week with the Chinese Super League outfit.
The 34-year-old Ivory Coast international said at his unveiling that the desire for a "big challenge", and not financial reasons, was behind his decision to quit Europe for Asia.
When quizzed on his salary, Drogba said: "It's not really important, the most important thing is I come here to help Chinese football."
He added: "The money's not really what is the most important thing, because everybody knows that I give a lot of my money to my foundation, so really I didn't come here with the idea of making a lot of money
"I know China is a great sports country, so for me it was also a big challenge because it would have been easy for me to stay in Europe and go to another team, another big team, but I want to achieve this challenge so that's why I decided to come here."
Drogba played a key role in last season's Champions League success with Chelsea, while he also won three Premier League titles and four FA Cups during eight hugely successful seasons at 

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